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Yakshagana is one of the most living art traditions in the Karnataka. In order to propagate and spread the message of devotion, it adopted and adapted the existing folk as well as classical literary forms and performances called Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form combining dance, music, spoken word, costume-makeup, and stage technique with a distinct style and form.

It is mainly prevalent in the coastal districts and malenadu areas of karnataka. Experts have placed the origin of Yakshagana from the 11th Century to the 16th Century. Yakshagana must have been an established form by the time of famous Yakshagana poet Parthisubba (1600) who wrote the Ramayana in Yakshagana.

Presently there are about 30 full fledged professional troupes, and about 200 amateur troupes in Yakshagana. Professional troupes go on tour between November to May, giving about 180-200 shows i.e. a full night show everyday!

There are about one thousand professional artists and much bigger number of amateurs. Further there are off season shows during the wet season, the anniversary shows, school and college students Yakshagana and of course the Talamaddale performances. All put together, we safely say that Karnataka witnesses about 12,000 Yakshagana performances every year.

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