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Shri Ganapathi Temple Idagunji

Idagunji, Shri Maha Ganapathi Temple Idagunji, Vinayaka Temple Idagunji, near Honnavar in Uttara Kannada, IdagunjiIdagunji is a sacred place of Hindu worship in Honnavara taluk of Uttara Kannada (North Canara) district. The famous temple at Idagunji dedicated to Lord Ganapati is the main attraction, receiving more than 1 million devotees per year. Idagunji is about 14 kms southeast of Honnavar.

The two handed Ganapati is holding Modaka and Padma (Lotus) in his hands. One can see Ganapathi at Idagunji is similar to the Ganapathi at Gokarna.

According to the legend Lord Ganapati stayed in the place Kunjaranya which is now renowned as Idagunji (Idaku˝ja). It is said to be a place of penance selected by ancient Rishies (Saints).

Mhatobar Shri Vinayaka Devaru has been granting the wishes of thousands of people who regularly visit this place from year to year.

Facilities to devotees:
1. Free lunch is offered to all devotees.

Distances from Idagunji:
1. Honnavar: 14 Kms
2. Murudeshwar: 20 Kms
3. Gokarna: 50 Kms
4. Bhatkal: 36 Kms
5. Manjuguni: 74 Kms

Nearest place: Manki Mavinakatte: 4 Kms

The nearest railhead is at Honnavar.

Mhatobar Shri Vinayaka Devaru
Idagunji, Honnavar Taluk,
Uttara Kannada District
Pin code: 581 423

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