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Gadag district is around 480 Km Northwest of Bangalore. Gadag District was formed in 1997, when it was split from Dharwad District. Gadag and its sister city Betageri have a combined city administration. Gadag is famous for printing press and handloom.

Gadag is bounded on the north by Bagalkot District, on the east by Koppal District, on the southeast by Bellary District, on the southwest by Haveri District, on the west by Dharwad District, and on the northwest by Belgaum District.

Gadag consists of five taluks namely Gadag-Betageri, Ron, Shirhatti, Naragund and Mundargi.

A number of late Chalukyan monuments (11th-12th centuries) in the city indicate its historic past. The Temple of Veera Narayana and Trikuteshwara are places of religious and historic importance. Jumma Majid it consists Hindu Muslim trust. There are two main Jain temples are dedicated to Parshvanatha Thirthankara and Mahaveeera.

Gadag has a lot of printing presses including the "Honbali Brothers and the Shabadi Math Printing Press.

Places of interest:
  1. Sri Trikuteshwara Temple: The Trikuteshwara temple was built by the early Chalukyas between 6th to 8th Centuries. The temple bears rich evidence of the majesty of Chalukya architecture.

  2. Sri Saraswathi Temple: The temple is dedicated to Saraswathi, Goddess of learning. It is a wonderful structure with its fine architectural beauty.

  3. Sri Veera Narayana Temple: It is believed that the Veeranarayana Temple was built in the 11th Century. The legend goes to say that "Naranappa" better known as "Kumaravyasa" narrated the great epic before the lord by invoking the blessings of the Lord. The legend says that Naranappa got the inspiration to narrate the epic only during the time he sat before the Lord in a holy posture in a wet cloth dried up. A Brindavan of saint Raghavendra Swami is also built recently in the temple premises. This temple attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year.

  4. Sri Jagadguru Tondaraya Mutt: This is a 12th Century Mutt founded by Saint Tontada Siddalingeshwar Swamiji who was an accomplished Yogi. His "Samadhi" is situated in front of this Mutt.

  5. Beladhadi: Beladhadi is about 10 km from Gadag is famous for Shri Rama Temple. The idols of Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are of unique beauty and were installed by famous saint Shree Brahmananda Maharaj.

  6. Hombal: Hombal, a village at distance of 12 Km from Gadag famous for its old temples.

  7. Lakkundi: Lakkundi is about 12 Kms from Gadag. It was once the capital city of Great Chalukyan kings. Lakkundi is famous for 101 stepped wells (called Kalyani or Pushkarni), the multitude of Temples of architectural beauty and the Jain Basadi's. There is sculpture gallery maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

  8. Venkatapura: Venkatapura is about 15Kms from Gadag. The temple is dedicated to lord Venkateshwara.
Great Personalities from Gadag

  1. Kumaravyasa: Naranappa popularly known as Kumaravyasa born in the near by village of Koliwada. Kumaravyasa is one of the most famous poets in the Kannada language. He is the author of Karnata Bharatha Kathamanjari (classic Mahabharatha in Kannada). Kumara Vyasa literally means Little Vyasa or Son of Vyasa.

  2. Ganayogi Panchakshari Gawayi

  3. Hindustani singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

  4. Sunil Joshi (cricketer)

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