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Chowdeshwari Temple at Dasarighatta

Chowdeshwari Temple at Dasarighatta: Ancient Chowdeshwari temple of Dasarighatta is located near Tiptur of Tumkur district. A panchaloha idol of Sri Chowdeshwari temple write backs the reply if a question is asked orally or even in mind.

During a gathering, two spiritual villagers (illiterates) pick up the deity and write as if possessed. the head of the deity will write down effortlessly on a rice flour base.

Prabhulinga Swamigalu, the main priest of the temple had done it once, said it is an unforgettable experience to write, under the influence of Goddess.

Reaching Dasarighatta
Dasarighatta is about 10 kms from Tiptur. One can reach Tiptur via Tumkur from Bangalore. There are plenty of busses ply to Tiptur from Bangalore city. Frequent bus facility is provided by Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is a very convenient one.

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